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Solar Panels

Save energy and reduce your electricity bills by having solar panels fitted. We are the go to solar panel company in the Clapham area (and everywhere nearby) We can fit solar panels together with battery storage to have the best set up possible. We have even had customers who's bills have gone down to nothing and and even able to charge their electric cars for free!!!!

We even have systems that still work in the event of a power cut

Why fit solar panels?

Reduce energy bills

Solar is the cheapest way to get electricity. With the right set up you can even have no electricity bills!!!

0% VAT

Currently in the UK there is no VAT on solar panels so this saves you the 20% VAT

Energy dependant

With the right set up you can live off grid. Stop relying on the greedy energy companies who's main focus is profit. Generate your own energy and live off grid

Increase home value

Solar panels can increase the value of your home. Recent surveys say homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and as much as 17% more money!!!!

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