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EICR Electrical Landlord Certificates in London

At Bedoya Electrical, we’re able to provide EICR reports to ensure that any new or existing electrical installation you have in your property meets all of the standards that it needs to. When you’re renting a property out as a landlord, or whether you’re living in a property outright, it’s your duty to ensure that you meet all of the standards set in place by the government, and we can work with you to ensure that your electrical installations are all above the standards that they need to meet and that your home insurance is valid.


Our team of electricians have been working in Clapham and the surrounding areas for years and can deliver EICR reports to landlords and homeowners throughout London in an efficient and professional manner, making sure that we check all of the associated safety standards in the most thorough fashion possible, all while delivering our services quickly and professionally. 


We can work with you on any electrical installation, whether you’ve had the work done yourself or the building already had them before you bought it, to ensure that every electrical outlet and appliance in your rental property meets the standards that it needs to. 


When you come to Bedoya Electrical for EICR reports, we’ll deliver them within the hour and guarantee that our work will always be of the highest standard.

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