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How much do EV chargers cost?

This is a question a lot of people ask them selves when deciding what charger to get. 

The simple honest answer is, no 2 installations are the same.

But we at, Bedoya Electrical, have worked out some deals to make it affordable and easy to get a price.

Prices start from only £349 for the installation, cable, clips and a few materials needed. Thats plus the charger. Every charger brand has different prices.

We have 3 types of installations. Plus any optional extras if required.

It's all down bellow. 

EV Charger

This one is for the simple installations and will cover 90% of all installs.

This one is also the cheapest installation in London.

The requirements for this installation are down bellow

  • Maximum of 10m cable in SWA.

  • Using 'Invincible' clips on brick walls

  • Drill through a maximum of 2 walls.

  • Must have 1 spare fuse/MCB at the consumer unit/ fuse board.

  • Gas and water bonding must be present

  • Consumer unit/ Fuse board in good usable condition

  • Cable clipped to the wall at a maximum height of 2m and not under floor boards or inside the wall.

  • Maximum of 4 hours on site

  • Some chargers need a cable from the meter to the charger, if yours needs this then the cable will be tied with cable ties together to the main power cable. The meter must be next to the fuseboard.

  • PEN fault detective device built into charger if needed. Most have this.

  • DC RCD built into charger. Most have this.

  • No RCBO needed for the charger, you must either have type A RCD at the fuseboard or the charger will have Type A + DC RCD protection

This installation costs just £350. If you have an even simpler install then it can be cheaper. Get in contact with us on 02031678729 and we can work with you

You can add some extras which are down bellow, this is incase your installation will be similar to the standard but not quite there.

EV Charger
Standard installation
Longer installation

This one is a longer version of the standard installation.

Upto 25m of cable

On site a maximum of 8 hours.

Getting around a few obstacles

A few complications in the cable route

Everything else is the same as the standard installation.

This one costs just £599

Ohme Box
Complex installation

If your installation is not the standard or the longer installation, then we will need to price you separately. Contact us on 02031678729 or fill in the form bellow and we will quote you using images and videos or do a free site survey if needed.


Like we said before, no 2 jobs are the same. And we also know that some installations may meet some of the requirements but not all. So for this reason we have made it easy for you, by just adding extra bits needed. Prices for these are bellow.

  • Extra mini consumer unit/ fuse bard with surge protection 

  • Surge protector. This will protect your car from surges up to 40KA. A small thing to save a car from irreparable damage. You need 2 free extra ways in your consumer unit. From £60 if fitting to your current consumer unit (prices depend on your brand of consumer unit but 90% should be just around £60).

  • If your charger needs a clamp to your meter tails and you don't want a cable just tied to the main power cable, its an extra £4 per meter for a cable that uses both in 1. Your meter and consumer unit must be in the same area.

All prices include VAT. Videos or pictures must be sent when requested to verify your installation. Prices may change if its not a straightforward install.

So how much are the EV chargers?

EV chargers are all priced differently from the manufactures. Some are budget and some are high quality.

Down below are some of our most popular chargers. Prices are without the installation.

  • Project EV - This is the cheapest charger currently available from £399.00 inc vat. 

  • Simpson & Partners - This is the newest charger we have started doing and its probably the best looking in our opinion. Fully customisable. Prices start from just £649

  • OHME Home Pro - Our second most popular charger. Very good quality and value for money. This charger costs £562.80

  • Rolec - This is probably the oldest EV charger company. It's the most known brand because they where one of the first. You must have a good Vodafone 4G signal for this to work.

  • Pod-Point - One of the most known brands out there. Recommended buy many car manufactures. This one starts from £595 for both tethered and un-tethered.

  • EO - This is the smallest charger avaiable. Very small and discreet. This one starts from £650. This charger has become our most popular

  • Zappi -  This is the go to charger if you have solar panels and want everything to be connected to them. It also monitors energy usage at your property and lets you see it on your phone app. The charger alone starts from £779 for the untethered and £799 for the tethered.

  • Andersen EV - This is probably the most luxurious charger there is. Made to order in the colours you want and you can even choose a wooden front cover. This one starts from £1199

All prices here include VAT

* Prices correct as of 01 May 2023. Prices may change any time.

Fill in the form and a member of the team will contact you ASAP

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